To share the love of Jesus to those in need, providing the means of nourishment for the body and hope for the soul.
To build bridges with those who are struggling physically and spiritually in order that we might demonstrate the love of Christ to them in a concrete way and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
To see families attending and serving in a local New Testament church.



what we do

Every pantry visitor is greeted by and prayed with a trained volunteer. Prayer is the most important thing we do for those we serve.
Pantry Hours: 10am to 12pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday by appointment.
ID required – For first time visitors, a photo ID is required plus something that verifies the visitor’s address. No proof of income is required.
Phone for an appointment (309) 823-9804
First time walk-ins only.
Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes – this allows time for staff to give individual attention to pantry patrons as needed. Patrons can access the pantry once every two weeks.
Each household receives one bag of food staples, plus household products, frozen meat, bread, and fresh produce as available.